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          Plate upper discharge centrifuge

          Plate upper discharge centrifuge【Specification】ModelPlate upper discharge centrifugeSeparation factor(w2r g)Motor powe


          Plate upper discharge centrifuge
          Model Plate upper discharge centrifuge Separation factor(w2r/g) Motor power(kw) Overall weight(kg) External dimensions(mm)
          Diameter(mm) Height(mm) Bowl Volume(L) Loading limit(kg) Speed(r/min)
          PSB600 600 280 40 60 1600 860 3 850 1300*960*1020(1600)
          PSB800 800 420 120 180 1350 820 5.5 2200 1700*1250*1300(2100)
          PSB1000 1000 460 160 200 1200 800 7.5 2600 2000*1500*1400(2450)
          PSB1250 1250 500 400 480 1050 740 18.5 3500 2300*1800*1480(2750)
          This machine is made of stainless steel except the drum bottom and tripod, which are lined with stainless steel. It fully complies with GMP standard.
          The cover of the machine is in the form of gas spring assisted cover removal. The feeding pipe and washing pipe adopt quick joints. The cover is equipped with sight glasses and vent holes, making the whole equipment easy to clean.
          Variable frequency starting can be adopted, starting is stable, separation factor is adjustable, non-contact energy consumption braking system, anti-static belt transmission, body sealing structure, and sealing element adopts silicone rubber or fluororubber.  The requirement of airtight explosion prevention can be met.
          This machine adopts direct-coupled two-speed motor and electric brake, which is completely suitable for enterprises with inflammable and explosive materials and high cleaning requirements.
          Widely used in solid-liquid separation of suspension materials with granular solid phase.
          For example, gypsum, oxalic acid, copper sulfate, potassium chloride, salt, monosodium glutamate, food additives, starch, silk sugar, chemical seasonings, antibiotics, vitamins, caffeine, sludge treatment, sewage treatment, etc.
          In addition to general use, flat plate is especially suitable for solid-liquid separation of medium with high viscosity, toxic, harmful, flammable, explosive, etc.
          【Standard manufacturing form】
          Structure: The housing is equipped with flip cover, feed pipe, washing pipe, observation mirror, exhaust port and lighting hole.  Closed structure, drum, shell, flip cover and other parts are made of stainless steel.  The machine base and the like are cast pieces.
          All fasteners are stainless steel.
          Transmission and braking: explosion-proof motor+friction type automatic clutch+friction type manual braking device.
          In addition to the clean type with a wide range of uses, we can customize tetrafluoroethylene type, lining plastic type, PE type and titanium plate centrifuge according to the needs of enterprises.


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