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          High speed variable frequency centrifuge

          High speed frequency conversion centrifuge【Specification】ModelHigh speed frequency conversion centrifugeSeparation fact


          High speed frequency conversion centrifuge
          Model High speed frequency conversion centrifuge Separation factor(w2r/g) Motor power(kw) Overall weight(kg) External dimensions(mm)
          Diameter(mm) Bowl Volume(L) Speed(r/min)
          75 75 2.2 10000-19000 15200 1.5 300 760*450*1600
          105 105 6 8000-16300 15700 2.2 570 840*500*1600
          125 125 8 9000-15000 15750 3 610 900*500*1600
          150 142 10 10000-14300 14300 3 665 900*550*1600
          High-speed frequency conversion centrifuge is a patented product developed by our company after years of research.
          Ordinary centrifuges are started directly. Overload has a great impact on the service life of centrifuges. Maintenance is frequent and vulnerable parts need to be replaced frequently.
          The patented products of our company can be started manually and slowly, which can play an excellent role in protecting bearings and rotating drums, reducing the frequency of replacing vulnerable parts, preventing the rotating drums from falling, reducing the number of dynamic balancing times of the rotating drums, reducing the cost and greatly increasing the production.
          According to the requirements of separating materials, the frequency of the current is adjusted by the frequency converter to realize different revolutions, and the effect of centrifugal force separation that is not used is different.
          This machine is mainly used to separate various suspensions that are difficult to separate, and to separate flocs and tiny solid particles from the suspensions.
          It is especially suitable for those with low concentration, large viscosity, fine solid particles and small solid-liquid specific gravity difference.
          For example, animal and plant extract, fermentation liquor, various traditional Chinese medicine liquid, paste deslagging, malic acid, various oral liquids, and Asiatic moonseed rhizome clarification;  Graphite clarification, deslagging of various paints, engine oil, diesel oil, coal tar, lubricating oil, etc., separation and concentration of various proteins and thalli, and purification of donkey-hide gelatin.
          The separator consists of a machine body, a transmission system, a rotating drum, a liquid collecting system and a liquid inlet system.
          The upper part of the rotating drum is linked with the flexible main shaft, and the bottom part is a damping sliding bearing.
          When the equipment works, the rotating drum rotates at high speed around its own axis, forming a strong centrifugal force field.  The material is injected from the liquid inlet nozzle of the bottom liquid inlet system, and the centrifugal force in the rotating drum forces the material liquid to flow upward along the inner wall of the rotating drum and delaminate due to the density difference of different composition of the material liquid.


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